P7-L-PU schauenburg

Ducting of air, vapors, gases or abrasive products are a separate discipline with a wide range of hoses.
Bijl & de Jong represents Schauenburg Ruhrkunststoff, a renowned manufacturer.
Most used are the polyurethane ducting hoses, which are available in different versions. For example, the hose is available with a wall thickness from 0.4 mm. up to a wall thickness of 3.5 mm. depending on the application, and the flexibility that is desired.

By default, you receive the PU hose in a hydrolysis resistant and food approved version. This avoids problems while using the hose in humid environment or applications in the food industry. With the hose an FDA EG1935 / 2004 and EC10 / 2011 certificate of compliance can be supplied.

Besides the polyurethane hoses also a lot of ducting hoses extraction of hot air and gases are available.

In 2011 we decided that we would no longer dispatch diaries. Although we know that the diary is still being used, we also know that a lot of them end up as waste paper.

DDC-setSpilling and leakages of critical liquids is becoming more and more important. 

Mann Tek produces Dry Disconnect Couplings and Safe Break Away Couplings for a safe, environmentally friendly and spill free liquid handling. 

De Mann Tek® Dry Disconnect Couplings are interchangeable with couplings according the Nato stanag 3756 norm, like TODO® (Gardner Denver®), Avery Hardoll® and Emco Wheaton®. 

DDC Hose units, Tank units en Break Aways are available in several versions. Call us for additional information on this. 

SBA Break Away Couplings can be reused after breaking. By replacing the shearbolts the couplings can be used again. Shearbolts are available in different strenghts.

Datasheet DDC koppelingen


Our program IBC couplings has extended again.
IBC S60x6 x DN40 DIN11851

Many IBC's are used in the food industry, therefore we have extended the program with IBC couplings converting to DIN11851 (RD65) male thread. (compleet overzicht)

  • In white GRPP from S60 x 6 to DIN DN40,
  • In white GRPP from S60 x 6 to DIN DN50,
  • In Stainless steel 1.4404 from S60x6 to DIN DN50.

IBC couplings in different versions from stock. Reducers with hosetail, female threads, male threads and cam and groove (camlock) adapter.


The couplings are made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene and therefore strong, light in weight and highly resistant to many chemicals. The couplings are also suitable for use with foodstuffs.

Download the datasheet of the couplings.