ducting hoses

P7-L-PU schauenburg

Ducting of air, vapors, gases or abrasive products are a separate discipline with a wide range of hoses.
Bijl & de Jong represents Schauenburg Ruhrkunststoff, a renowned manufacturer.
Most used are the polyurethane ducting hoses, which are available in different versions. For example, the hose is available with a wall thickness from 0.4 mm. up to a wall thickness of 3.5 mm. depending on the application, and the flexibility that is desired.

By default, you receive the PU hose in a hydrolysis resistant and food approved version. This avoids problems while using the hose in humid environment or applications in the food industry. With the hose an FDA EG1935 / 2004 and EC10 / 2011 certificate of compliance can be supplied.

Besides the polyurethane hoses also a lot of ducting hoses extraction of hot air and gases are available.