Verzinkte fittingenWhether it is the installation sector, agriculture, industry or for example shipbuilding, malleable fittings are used widely. Bijl & de Jong supplies the fittings, black and galvanized, according to EN10242-A and DVGW approval.

We keep a large stock of galvanized fittings, but also supply flanges and welding fittings like elbows, reducers, tees and threaded sockets from stock.

The threaded fittings are fitted with a well-cut thread, which provides always an easy mounting. Also, the zinc layer of the galvanized fitting at least 50% thicker than the standard requires. Just a good quality fitting at a competitive price.

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For a proper hose assembly Bijl  de Jong supplies a wide range of hose clamps. A tight fit on the coupling and a durable connection are depending on the choice of the clamp. Of course we can help you choose the best clamp.

 powerflex clamps, mikalor, aba, pari

- JCS Hi-Grip en Hi-Torque hose clips, galvanized and stainless steel.

- Powerclamps 1 and 2-piece with screw M6, M8 or M10, galvanized and stainless steel.

- MAG klemmen 1 and 2-piece with hex bolt M6, M8 or M10, galvanized and stainless steel.

- Earclips 1-ear and 2-ear, galvanized and stainless steel.

From the above mentioned clamps we keep a large stock. Ask our advice on the best clamp for your application.

Because the Apollo Superflex is no longer manufactured, we have replaced it by the Apollo Sup...

The Apollo Superflex was particularly well known for its flexibility and excellent price/quality ratio. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has decided to discontinue its production.

That we are a reliable partner when it comes to the supply of products for the food and beverages industry probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

Apart from the extensive range of products we supply, we can also provide complete hose assemblies. This means that we can custom fit your hoses with press-fit couplings, complete with a number engraved in the press-on sleeve. A test certificate can also be provided.

P7-L-PU schauenburg

Ducting of air, vapors, gases or abrasive products are a separate discipline with a wide range of hoses.
Bijl & de Jong represents Schauenburg Ruhrkunststoff, a renowned manufacturer.
Most used are the polyurethane ducting hoses, which are available in different versions. For example, the hose is available with a wall thickness from 0.4 mm. up to a wall thickness of 3.5 mm. depending on the application, and the flexibility that is desired.

By default, you receive the PU hose in a hydrolysis resistant and food approved version. This avoids problems while using the hose in humid environment or applications in the food industry. With the hose an FDA EG1935 / 2004 and EC10 / 2011 certificate of compliance can be supplied.

Besides the polyurethane hoses also a lot of ducting hoses extraction of hot air and gases are available.