As in previous years, we have also this year we have asked our customers for a charity to sign up for our charity action. This year we have received a lot of positive responses and many beautiful charities.

All employees of Bijl & de Jong have given points to the submitted charities, 10 targets with the most points get us € 500, - paid.

The charities we support this year are the following:

We wish them good luck with the donation of € 500, -.


Below are the pictures from handing over a number of cheques.


Via Angelia web St. de Herberg web









St. Benthe web

 Scouting RDV web









Ikholwa web

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SIR acknowledgment for approving hoses for industrial cleaning

Since December 2014, Bijl & de Jong is a SIR acknowledged for proving pressure / vacuum equipment. Both our offices in Emmeloord and in Raamsdonkveer have been acknowledged. Obviously there are DVK inspectors present at both locations for Pressure Vacuum testing.


SIR Hydrostatic pressure testingSIR - Stichting Industriële Reiniging

Are performed according to the requirements prescribed by the SIR (Industrial Cleaning Association).


Inland shipping testing (ADN)Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport - ADN - ADNR - Rijnvaart

Besides the acknowledgment of the SIR, the offices in Emmeloord and Raamsdonkveer are also acknowledged by ILENT of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment for the inspection, proving and maintenance of loading and unloading hoses for inland shipping (formerly Rhine).


Hydrostatic pressure testing on site

Pressure tests for the purpose of approving or re-testing of hose assemblies are performed in our offices in Emmeloord and Raamsdonkveer, but can also be performed on site. 

Standard pressuretesting

Are performed according to the NEN issued Dutch Practice Guidelines 5527, which includes the following standards:

  - Composite hoses - EN 13765, EN 13766
  - Rubber en PVC hoses - EN-ISO 1402
  - Metal welled hoses - EN-ISO 10380
  - Electrical conductivity - EN-ISO 8031


Assembly, testing and proving

On request we can supply you your complete hose assembly, optionally provided with a pressure test certificate. 


Assembly of hose assemblies

Hoses can be supplied assembled with coupling, by using hose clamps or Clamp saddles, wire binding or crimping.

In all cases, you are assured of a professional assembly.


Tecofi knife gate valveTecofi bidirectional knife gate valves


For several years now, Bijl & de Jong is the distributor for Tecofi in the Netherlands. Tecofi is a French manufacturer of butterfly valves, knife gate valves, gate valves, filters and ball check valves. Since this year they also supply the bidirectional knife gate valve.


The cast iron bidirectional valve has a stainless steel knife that seals on both sides of the knife and can be supplied from DN50 to DN400. The valves are mounted between PN10 flanges and can withstand a maximum working pressure of 10 to 4 bars, depending on the diameter. Temperature ranges ut to +180° Celsius. The valves can be equipped with a handwheel with non-rising stem, as well as with an electric or pneumatic actuator.


Knife gate valves are widely used in water treatment, sewage and waste water plants, pulp production, chemical industry, pneumatic transport of granules, powders, crystallizing and sludge products.


Datasheet bi-directional valves



In December 2013, we have asked our customers to sign up a charity for our charity action. Money that normally would be spent on Christmas gifts, get's a better destination in this way.

As we didn't want to make a choice ourselves, we have asked our customers to contribute a charity. From these responses we have drawn 10 goals, all of which an amount of € 500, - get paid. 

The charities that have been drawn are the following:

In our opinion all 10 beautiful charities.

Many thanks to everybody for contributing the charities.



For a number of years now, Bijl & de Jong is the importer for Tecofi valves in the Netherlands.

Tecofi produces a large range of butterfly valves, knife gate valves and ball check valves, but also sells a large range of additional valves.

If it concerns applications with water, biogas, food, oil, gas or chemicals, a Tecofi valve is available.


The butterfly valves can be delivered from stock with GG25 wafer type body, stainless steel disc, EPDM gasket and a hand lever with 10 positions. The valves are produced according the European norm 97/23/CE for liquids cat. 3, module H.

As an option the valves can be supplied with GGG50 body, lug type body, other gaskets or different levers.

The butterfly valves are also available with a double acting pneumatic actuator with connections for a Namur solenoid valve.

Datasheet butterfly valves (dutch)