Fittings/accessoires - flexible connections

In order to attach hoses, couplings, sealings and reels and connect them to each other, you will need various attachments and accessory components. The accessories you will find at Bijl & de Jong include fittings like rubber sealings, threaded fittings and malleable iron fittings.

We offer a wide range of fittings in stainless steel, GRPP, brass, steel or cast iron for threaded connections, adaptor parts or weld-on parts. You will always find a suitable fitting for air, water, oil, chemicals or any other medium.

We supply bonded and compression fittings for PVC and PE as a service item. We only supply PVC bonded fittings by Vandelande (VDL fittings). A wide range of fittings is available, without or without a KIWA approval.

We supply Alprene (Georg Fischer) fittings. Kiwa-approved Alprene fittings are also available.