Assembly and Pressure testing

On request we can supply complete hose assemblies, if needed complete with hydrostatic test report. 

Assembly of hoses and couplings

Hoses can be supplied as assemblies complete with couplings mounted in the hose with clamps, saddles ore crimped. 

In all cases you are sure about a professional assembly.


Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Pressure testing for the certification of hose assemblies can be performed in our branches in Emmeloord and Raamsdonksveer, but also at your site with our mobile testing unit.

Standard pressure testing

Are carried out according the NEN-NPR 5527, Guidelines for checking, inspection and assessment of industrial hose assemblies in use.


  - Composite hoses - EN13765, EN13766
  - Rubber and pvc slangen - EN-ISO1402
  - Metal hoses welled - EN-ISO10380
  - Electrical resistance - EN-ISO 8031


SIR hydrostatic pressure testSIR - Stichting Industriële Reiniging

Pressure tests for hoses used in industrial cleaning are carried out according the SIR regulations. We are acknowledged by the SIR for pressure vacuum testing and in both our branches we have SIR certified Pressure Vacuum Inspectors (PVI).

Inland shipping inspections (ADN)Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport - ADN - ADNR - Rijnvaart

As well in Emmeloord as in Raamsdonksveer we are acknowledged by the Inspection of Environment and Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment for certification and maintenance of loading and unloading hoses used in inland shipping (former Rhine shipping).