Couplings - the importance of strong links

A good, safe and hygienic coupling is a very strong link in a hose connection. Bijl & de Jong provide a very complete range of hose connections. We also provide expert advice on the best possible solution.

Our couplings are distinguished by the material, size, temperature and pressure resistance and resistance to the medium. Bijl & de Jong can always provide the right solution to meet any of your requirements.

Safety and hygiene are important issues to consider when it comes to quick-detachable couplings and unions. If a coupling doesn’t fit well this can cause the accumulation of residues or the escape of fluids.

The assembly of hoses used in the food and beverages industry and pharmaceutics industry fitted with Oppersen links provide a very smooth hose-to-union connection. They leave no dead spaces and are easier to clean. The exterior of the hose also has a very neat finish, without any protruding parts.