Series LC Reelcraft


Reelcraft LC serie

Voordelige haspel verkrijgbaar in poedercoat of rvs304 uitvoering. Robuust, veergewonden voor water en lucht, gemonteerd op voetplaat met slanggeleider.

Geleidearm is verstelbaar in 5 posities.

Leverbaar met of zonder slang, maximum temperatuur +65 °C.



De duurzame poedercoat haspel is leverbaar met of zonder slang.

Modellen met slang zijn voorzien van PVC slang geschikt voor water en lucht, met 20 meter 1/2" slang met 1/2" draadaansluiting of 20 meter 3/8" slang met 1/4" draadaansluiting.


series lc reelcraft stainless steel



De rvs 304 haspel wordt geleverd zonder slang, maar kan natuurlijk compleet met slang geleverd worden, geschikt voor uw toepassing.



Download datasheet van de LC serie







SATO hosereels2400 SATO Reelcraft haspel

To rely on a quick delivery of non standard hosereels, Reelcraft developed a unique modular system to assemble large hosereels.

These hosereels can be supplied based on your demands and available designs and are supplied with manual or motor driven rewind. When motor driven you can choose from electric, hydraulic or pneumatic rewind.

All reels are supplied with a high quality powder coating and are available up to 2".

So within 2 – 3 weeks a custom built hose reel up to 2" will be available. 

Reelcraft also supplies a wide range of standard hosereels for all kinds of industries like aviation, offshore, tanktransport, shipping and fire fighting. Supplied in powdercoated steel, stainless steel or aluminum and suitable for water, air, oil and gasses.

Smartflex ductinghose

Smartflexis a clear transparent polyurethane ductinghose especially suitable for wood and pellets processing industry, where flame retardent and anti-static hoses are required more and more. The Smartflex is the solution for this application and moreover, it is hydrolysis and microbe resistant and therefor can be used in moist or wet surroundings.

The special mixture of raw materials makes the Smartflex permanently anti-static, and it meets the requiremenst of ATEX 2014/34/EC (spiral must be earthed). Therefor the hose can be used in ATEX zones where it prevents the risk of ignition due to electrostatic discharge. 

The Smartflex is available with wall thicknesses from 0,7 mm., 1,0 mm. en 1,4 mm.

The Smartflex is not suitable for foodstuff.


Download The datasheet (NL) for more info.


S50 catTo continue to improve the quality of our products, we have decided to replace the 10 000 series ball valves by the valve S50.  

The S50 ball valve is Italian made, by the same manufacturer as our S85. This means that every single valve from the S50 series has been tested for a minimum of 24 hours and leaves the factory 100% leakproof. Also this valve has a steel handle with a very durable Geomet coating and a higher temperature rating up to +170 °C.

In the next few weeks we will sell out the remaining stock and switch to the S50 series. We will try to smoothen the switch to the new ball valve as much as possible for you.

We are convinced we are supplying you a better product with this new ball valve.S50T cat

You can download the new datasheet of the S50 ball valve. We have chosen to use new article codes, the price level will remain the same.



dry cryogenic coupling 4inches

Dry Cryogenic Couplings (DCCouplings) and Cryogenic Break-away Couplings (CBCouplings) are designed for use wherever it’s beneficial to connect and disconnect hoses and pipelines under pressure, quickly without spillage and additional tools.

Dry Cryogenic Couplings and Cryogenic Break-away Couplings are designed primarily for the use of cryogenic liquefied gases, e.g. LNG (-163ºC) and e.g. Nitrogen (-196º), where safety and reliability are of highest concern.


The Dry Cryogenic Coupling consist of a “tank” unit wich is a type of a non-return valve and a “hose” unit with a valve driven by an internal cam curve to open both valves at the same time. Operation is a single action using a straight forward turning motion to connect the couplings and open flow path. An initial push and turn action on the hose unit provides engagement with the tank unit, thus locking and sealing the two units together. Further rotation opening the internal valves, thereby allowing full flow with a minimum of pressure drop.


DCC couplings are available from van 1" to 6" in stainless steel with threaded or flange connections. Working pressure 25 bar (6" 16 bar).


Cryogenic Break-away Couplings are a further development of the Safety Break-away Couplings which has successfully been used to prevent pull-away accidents in the petroleum, chemical and LPG industry all over the world. The new range of Cryogenic Break-away Couplings can be installed either at fixed points or in the middle of hose strings.
cryogenic breakaway couplings

Industrial cryogene break away, Typically installed into loading arm and hose assemblies, where at least one side of the coupling is attached to a fixed rigid point.

Marine cryogene break away, Marine Cryogenic Break-away Couplings are designed to only release by inline pull and used between two strings of hose.


CBA couplings are available from van 1" to 6" in stainless steel with threaded or flange connections. Working pressure 25 bar (6" 16 bar).

Questions? Don't hesitate and contact us.

Datasheet Mann Tek Cryogenic Couplings