Cheque Goede Doelen Actie

In december 2015 hebben wij voor onze Goede Doelen Actie onze afnemers benaderd met de vraag een goed doel voor te dragen voor een gift van € 500,-. Dat de actie een succes is blijkt wel uit de vele positieve reacties die we ontvangen, vaak zelfs met mooie of ontroerende verhalen.


Alle medewerkers van Bijl & de Jong hebben punten gegeven aan de voorgedragen doelen. De 10 doelen met de meeste punten krijgen van ons € 500,- overgemaakt. 


De goede doelen die wij dit jaar steunen zijn de volgende:


Wij wensen ze allemaal veel succes met de donatie van € 500,-.




Series LC Reelcraft


Reelcraft LC serie

Profitable reel available in powder coated or stainless steel 304 version. Robust, spring-wound for water and air, mounted on base plate with hose guide.

Guide arm is adjustable in five positions.

Available with or without hose, maximum temperature + 65 ° C.



The durable powder-coated reel is available with or without hose.

Models are equipped with hose 20m PVC hose suitable for water and air in 1/2" hose with 1/2" threaded connection or 20 meter 3/8" hose with 1/4" threaded connection.


series lc reelcraft stainless steel


Stainless steel: 

The 304 stainless steel reel is supplied without hose, but can also be supplied complete with hose, suitable for your application.



Download the datasheet of the LC serie







Ihose float slangdrijvers

Bijl & de Jong supplies floaters for hose assemblies, cables and pipelines. The floater consists of two shells which are mounted on the hose with stainless steel straps.

The hose floats are molded from a closed cell polyethylene foam that is selectively densified to a solid skin over the entire float surface to enhance toughness, abrasion resistance, and ease of cleaning. UV and oxidation inhibitors are incorporated into the foam for durability end extended life.

Because of the compact execution the floaters are extremely suitable for smaller hose diameters and the possibility to wind it on a hose reel.


Datasheet hosefloats


 hose diameter Outer diameter Buoyancy gross Buoyancy nett
2" 162 mm. 5,9 kg. 4,6 kg.
3" 162 mm. 4,8 kg. 3,6 kg.
4" 197 mm. 6,6 kg. 4,8 kg.










A good reel works efficiently and increases safety in the workplace, because there are no hoses lying around, there is less chance of injury to persons or damage to hoses.

Bijl & de Jong is preferred supplier of Reelcraft hose reels. Reelcraft produces high quality reels that operate smoothly and are very durable.


For every application, Bijl & de Jong has a hose reel available, such as fire fighting, pressure washing, fuel delivery, and for water, air, grease etc.

Reelcraft hose reels are available in different versions, you can opt for powder coating or stainless steel, standard spring return reels or hand crank reels, but the reels can also be supplied with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motor.

olt haspel vrijstaand

For hazardous areas, all spring wounded, hand wounded or pneumatically driven reels can be delivered in ATEX version.

Download the brochure for more information about the different types of reels Bijl & de Jong can offer you.

No reel for your application? Also a custom-made reel is no problem. Ask for the possibilities.



As in previous years, we have also this year we have asked our customers for a charity to sign up for our charity action. This year we have received a lot of positive responses and many beautiful charities.

All employees of Bijl & de Jong have given points to the submitted charities, 10 targets with the most points get us € 500, - paid.

The charities we support this year are the following:

We wish them good luck with the donation of € 500, -.


Below are the pictures from handing over a number of cheques.


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 Scouting RDV web









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