Charity aid campaigns successful

In 2011 we decided that we would no longer dispatch diaries. Although we know that the diary is still being used, we also know that a lot of them end up as waste paper.

Of course, this is very unfortunate because this money could be spent in a much better way. There are numerous charity organizations and foundations that do a lot of good work and need this money to achieve their aims.

We asked our clients to nominate charities for a donation so that we didn’t need to do this ourselves. We have drawn 10 charities from these responses and will be transferring € 500.00 to each of these funds.

The charity funds that were drawn include:

The work these organizations do is for a good cause and this is exactly what we had in mind when we initiated this campaign.

We would like to thank everyone who has nominated an organization for a charity donation and for all the positive comments and remarks we received during this campaign.