DDC Dry disconnect coupling - Mann Tek

DDC-setSpilling and leakages of critical liquids is becoming more and more important. 

Mann Tek produces Dry Disconnect Couplings and Safe Break Away Couplings for a safe, environmentally friendly and spill free liquid handling. 

De Mann Tek® Dry Disconnect Couplings are interchangeable with couplings according the Nato stanag 3756 norm, like TODO® (Gardner Denver®), Avery Hardoll® and Emco Wheaton®. 

DDC Hose units, Tank units en Break Aways are available in several versions. Call us for additional information on this. 

SBA Break Away Couplings can be reused after breaking. By replacing the shearbolts the couplings can be used again. Shearbolts are available in different strenghts.

Datasheet DDC koppelingen